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February 08 2016


Going through the Grand Terre | Noumea

De|Luxe Guide

Dine | Amadeus gastronomique French Cuisine at its best. The Chef Menu is a must to sample each of the fine French fare this restaurant can give.

Stay | Luxe - Le Meridan Presenditial Suite. Take full advantage of your holiday to Noumea with a remain in the Presendential suite within the Le Meredien Noumea.

Stay | Less - A self-catered visit to Noumea requries a rental with a kitchen. Ramada suites includes a expansive 2 bedroom apartment equiped with everything you have to self cater.

Shop | for a sensational assortment of colourful kaftans, stunning semi precious jewelery plus a choice of stores selling souvenirs and beach clothes... A stylish choice of boutiques may be found in The Hilton Promenade Shops around the beach in Ansa Vata. If you're a fan of french products now is your chance to have ready the French cult buys. French essentials this kind of creamy soaps and showergels and luxury French brands for example Thalgo and Nuxe are offered also store with the local pharmacy.

Eat | L'Atelier Gourmand is the better Boulangerie in town. Go early for decent baguettes fresh from the oven and get a couple of goodies for afternoon tea. The eclairs are going to die for.

Explore | Tchou Tchou Train is really a bright yellow road train- meaning it's got wheels and drives traveling much for the locals fury- This train can be a two hour guided tour with a in the top sight seeing spots in Noumea.

Swim | �lot Ma�tre This white sandy island with magnificent waters could be the idylic place for snorkellling. Equipment is designed for hire around the Island. Deluxe Tip - Pack your beach bag with refreshing drinks and baguettes making a day checking out the marine lifetime of Ilot Maitre. The island is really a quick Water Taxi trip from Ansa Vata Bay.

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